\ˈpä-pə-,ˈdäk, ˈpa-\transitive noun 1 POPARTISTRY : 2 a (1) : doctor of pop (2) : a robotic melodiousness : 
POPSTYLE b : command physical expressivity : DANCEABILITY c : one indicative of musicality


I am looking to starting a crew soon, if you share the same passion as I do there is a spot for you. This is to promote and network as a dancer, instructor and choreographer. I offer lessons: private, group, school teams, dance teams, and studios. I can and will choreograph styles of dance such as: Lyrical, HipHop, House, Breaking, Locking, Boogaloo, and Popping... most all types of social dance, and everything that's in between. Available for shows, gigs, teaching, and choreography to anyone and everybody. Contact email: [email protected] also facebook, twitter, myspace and check out my videos on youtube!