\ˈpä-pə-,ˈdäk, ˈpa-\transitive noun 1 POPARTISTRY : 2 a (1) : doctor of pop (2) : a robotic melodiousness : 
POPSTYLE b : command physical expressivity : DANCEABILITY c : one indicative of musicality

...POPPIN Dance Styles Of His Own!

PopaDok, a self-taught street dancer and rapper displaying hip hop culture as a potent life force, both to himself and to entire generations of urban dance, music and performing arts worldwide. Started in the late 70's. A Doktor of POP style dance. PopaDok was born in Richmond, VA. He traveled to Bronx, New York. in 1980 and started his quest on being a leader not a follower. He started miming and bottin with Boogaloo Bryon, and Puppet Lynell. Together they were called "Lock-Pop Dancers" later presenting “Lock-Pop Breakers” with additional celebrated members. PopaDok adapted various styles from his older brother Rubberband Man (a “Sir Nose” for Parliament Funkadelic). But it wasn't until February 2005 BreakAtlanta 6 that PopaDok found the underground resurfacing breakdance movement. Him with HBO Crew and Funklordz maintain the legendary “b-boy battles" in Atlanta, GA. They provide B-boys, B-girls, Graffiti artist, DJ's and MC’s a chance to battle in Atlanta, GA with themselves exibiting their unique styles holding events like the original way done in the early 80's.

Cooley Tee - M.C. Rockwale

Back then PopaDok, known by his emcee name M.C. Rockwale, one half of VA's hip hop duo Cooley-Tee & Rockwale, he is widely regarded as one of the first recorded rap artist of VA and later featured for NBC commercials with the Lock-Pop Dancers incorporating the poppin movement in a classroom scenerio. He along with the uprise of other OG's are back into the scene which is necessary. However, don’t put PopaDok in their class. PopaDok didn't abandon the true art form that has been recognized as an official element of Hip Hop culture. PopaDok’s style is unlike the others and he still holds that today, Not yeilding to the commercialized way of mainstream streetdance.

PopaDOK supports Hope For Trust USA, non-profit project to help fund music, dance and cultural arts programs for at-risk youths and young adults.

Photo: HFT Youth Banner