\ˈpä-pə-,ˈdäk, ˈpa-\transitive noun

2 a (1) : doctor of pop (2) : a robotic melodiousness : POPSTYLE b : command physical expressivity : DANCEABILITY c : one indicative of musicality


I am looking to starting a crew soon, if you share the same passion as I do there is a spot for you. This is to promote and network as a dancer, chorergrapher, and instructor. I offer lessons: private, group, school teams, dance teams, and studios. I can and will chorergraph styles of dance such as:  Lyrical, HipHop, BreakDancing, Soft Shoe, Ballroom, Romantic Ballroom, Classical Musical Theatre, Cha Cha, Waltz, FoxTrot, Tango, Hustle...all types of social dance, and everything thats in between. Avaible for shows, gigs, teaching, and chorergraphy to anyone and everyone. Contact email:  [email protected] also facebook, twitter, myspace and check out my videos on youtube!